Project Description

Pine Avenue Park Community Center & Gardens

Carlsbad, CA

  • New Construction

  • General Contracting

  • Civic

  • $8.7 Million

The new community center, located in the Historic Carlsbad Barrio, features a gym with a multi-sport court, an activity room, teen center, computer room, homework room, large second floor balcony, courtyard and administrative office. The main entrance to the 18,000 square foot building will face a new drop-off area for the community center and senior center. The other entrance aligns with the east entrance to the senior center, with the goal of creating a seamless, integrated, multi-generational campus.

The site features an ornamental garden with a community plaza, shade structure, picnic areas, drought tolerant plants, a water feature, artwork and seating. A community garden with 40 raised beds that residents can lease to grow their own flowers, fruits and vegetables is planted to capacity and has a waiting list. The park improvements incorporate sustainable energy and water savings features equivalent to LEED Silver certification by the USGBC.