Project Description

Donovan Correctional Facility Health Care Administration Building

San Diego, CA

  • General Contracting
  • New Construction
  • Civic Project

The project consists of 4 sub projects within an aggressive 14 month duration.

  • First is the construction of a new structural steel, single-story, 7,400 square foot Health Care Administration Building in an existing parking lot.
  • Relocation of 50 displaced parking stalls and additional ADA parking for the new building.
  • Power infrastructure upgrades to the facility switchboard to support the power demands of the new administration building.
  • Lastly, the contract also calls for the construction of a 4,300 square foot 6-plex temporary modular administration building complete with ADA path of travel to house displaced employees during the renovation of an existing structure handled by a concurrent project at the facility.

While the Health Care Administration Building is located outside of the secure perimeter of the prison, a portion of the power infrastructure upgrades and the temporary modular administrative building occur within the secure perimeter fencing of the prison.